It's probably something you don't think about on a day to day basis but clean, fresh air is something that we do not get enough of. Especially during these times, where it is advised to stay inside, having clean air indoors is now of high importance and necessity. 

Items such as Synthetic furniture, paints and computers silently pump chemical vapours into the air, while your heating (especially during the winter) will dry out your air. This can lead to complaints such as allergic attacks, asthma, headaches and tickly coughs...Well, this is where plants in your house can help!

Instead of buying air purifiers, which are expensive and don't particularly look great, houseplants are the BEST option to combat this. Not only are they gorgeous and will ultimately jazz up your home, but certain plants also purify and clean the toxins from the air you breathe whilst releasing humidity back into the atmosphere.  


There are numerous health benefits to being near plants and studies by NASA have proven that certain plants help keep the air in your house cleaner and increase oxygen levels.  

So what are you waiting for you....